Project Grey Noise Audio Book

Project Grey Noise the Audio Book by Michael Bayus is Now Available for Purchase


Project Grey Noise the Audio Book by Michael Bayus is Now Available
Project Grey Noise Audio Book

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Lady Jane Grey is trapped in the 21st century, but willingly. Because she knows that in order to effect change and to accomplish her goal, she must act. It’s hard for her because she knows that if she were to tell people that she really is Lady Jane Grey from 1554, people would think she is crazy. So, she plays Miss Jane Dudley, and she oversees an exhibit about herself and dresses up in Tudor costume, and enjoys being herself twice a day, (morning and afternoon,) for her show. As the story goes on, Mike suggests that she put on shows about events in her life as short plays or vignettes in the evening. She does it all so well that she gains a reputation around town. She is very entertaining, and she talks Tudor History as though she really lived it because she has.

We also get to know Jane, as she assumes the role of Miss Jane Dudley, a hard working modern-day young woman, as she interacts with those she meets when she is not working her exhibit. Only Mike and Jess know for sure just who she really is. Mike is her best friend, and Jess is the caring Mother that she never had. Her goal is to debunk all of the myths, and misinformation that has grown up around her since her death in 1554. The Victorians really did a number on her, and she has a big job on.


Peter Tyldesley – Director of Bradgate Park Trust:

"What a fantastic and ambitious project you have taken on!"

Nicola Tallis, Author of the Crown of Blood The Deadly Inheritance of Lady Jane Grey

"Thank you very much for sending me the link to your work, which I found really interesting. You are clearly very passionate about Lady Jane Grey, which is wonderful. I was most interested to read all of your thoughts and ideas, and hugely impressed by your work."

Karleen Bradford, Author of Nine Days Queen

"Thank you so much for your email. I'm sorry I haven't answered sooner, but I was away and then stuff got in the way and I couldn't get around to it. I've just reread it now, and I am so impressed with the research you've done into Jane and the sympathy you have for her. I found that I became more and more attached to her, the more I researched."

Debra Brown, Owner of the Blog English Historical Fiction Authors

"Your project sounds interesting.
It would be nice to have information about the Lady Jane Grey properly put together. The idea is brilliant."

Produced By

Michael Bayus

Mike Bayus

Michael Anthony Bayus was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, and became blind shortly after birth.  At three years of age, he was given a small organ on which he began creating tunes and improvising chord progressions.  Michael began formal lessons at age eight and began playing in church at fourteen.  He has played numerous recitals throughout the United States. 

Mr. Bayus earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and a Master of Music degree from The Catholic University of America, where he served as an assistant to Dr. Robert Grogan at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Bayus has been fortunate to study under Virgil Fox, Gunther Kaunzinger, Marilyn Mason, Marie-Claire Alain, and Jean Langlais.

At the age of eight years, Mr. Bayus was given his first Tape Recorder ostensibly to record and track his progress as an Organist.

Instead, Michael used his Tape Recorder to create and produce Sound Plays for his own amusement and amazement.

Along the way, while in High School and College, Mr. Bayus participated in various Workshops and courses in Broadcasting and while in College, produced a Radio Drama about the Lady Jane Grey as a final exam for one of those courses.

Michael first knew about Lady Jane after hearing a BBC produced radio drama about her at age 12 and became passionate about her from age 14.

Mr. Bayus has made the study of Lady Jane Grey’s life his life’s work ever since.

Chase Shelleé

Chase Shelleé

Chase Shelleé is an international actor, singer, musician, model and writer. She began modeling at 15 doing runway and commercials, and soon afterwards began piano and vocal training. Raised in the Philippines, educated in Seattle and New York, she has been the lead writer for Philippines Fashion week for two seasons, worked as managing editor for Shot Magazine, a contributing writer for Rogue Magazine, and written screenplays for Philippine Cinema. By 21 she had multiple poems published in international literary magazines and had begun to pursue a degree in literature. At 24 she was accepted into the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York afterwards doing a series of commercials and off-Broadway plays. She returned home to the Philippines, and to her music, and released her debut album, High On Maybe (available on iTunes and Spotify).

Back stateside, she is currently recording her second album, shooting several films, and writing her first stateside short film, collaborating on a feature film, and graphic novel.

Project Grey Noise

Produced by Michael Bayus
Performed by Chase Shelleé


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