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Lady Jane is trapped in the 21st century, but willingly. Because she knows that in order to affect change and to accomplish her goal, she must act. It’s hard for her because she knows that if she were to tell people that she really is Lady Jane Grey from 1554, people would think she is crazy. So she plays Miss Jane Dudley, and she oversees an exhibit about herself and dresses up in Tudor costume, and enjoys being herself twice a day, (morning and afternoon,) for her show. As the story goes on, Mike suggests that she put on shows about events in her life as short plays or vignettes in the evening. She does it all so well that she gains a reputation around town. She is very entertaining, and she talks Tudor History as though she really lived it, because she has.

We also get to know Jane, as she assumes the role of Miss Jane Dudley, a hard working modern-day young woman, as she interacts with those she meets when she is not working her exhibit. Only Mike, and Jess know for sure just who she really is. Mike is her best friend, and Jess is the caring Mother that she never had. Her goal is to debunk all of the myths, and misinformation that has grown up around her since her death in 1554. The Victorians really did a number on her, and she has a big job on.

Project Grey Noise has 26 Chapters and a Total Running Time of 7 hr. 37 min. 31 sec.




First of all, at the very outset, I would like to express my appreciation to my wife Robin for putting up with me as I ate, slept and lived Lady Jane Grey over the past three years.

I thank her profusely for the countless hours that she spent making my scripts easy for the Voice actors to read, and to format them so they would be easy on the eyes, as I am totally blind, and I don’t see them.

Also, I thank her for her willingness to drive me to all of the recording venues, so we could bring Project Grey Noise to completion.

And, for her willingness to voice a couple characters in the story. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Chase Shelleé for giving her voice to the Lady Jane Grey. Chase has a generous spirit, and her passion for the Lady Jane Grey is almost as strong as mine. I found as Chase and I worked together, that I had to give very little direction to her, and she found things in my Lady Jane character that I didn’t know were there until she developed them. Thank you, Chase, for playing Lady Jane Grey, and allowing just the right amount of Chase to come out. You made Jane come alive.

I thank all of the cast members:

Ann Ayres
Carole Roberts-Wilson
Don Hoeksema
Lauren and Bradley Russel
Dean Martin
Pat Brooks
Scott Pettengill
Tom DuByna
and Yvonne Hodges

For giving of themselves so willingly. Also a big thank you to:

 Jordyn Neal
Sheridan and Bryce Macon
and Nate Switzer

For being the voices of the students in Chapter 25. I wish to thank Kelli Turner of Turner Talent for her willingness to post my casting call even though we never actually met.  If it wasn’t for you Kelli, I would not have been able to even start.

I would also like to say thanks to:

Seu Reid
Seu Macleod
Nicola Tallis
Debra Brown
Karleen Bradford
Peter and Nicola Tyldesley

And those many many others to whom I have pitched Project Grey Noise, for their words of encouragement, and their kind advice.

Lastly, I extend my most humble and hearty thanks to the Lady Jane Grey herself. Lady Jane took great pains to write down her thoughts, at the last, so they could be published posthumously after she was executed. She took the time to carefully word them so they could be read and understood by those of us who came after her. I believe that she conceived them as pieces to be performed, and so now they are. Without her writings, my Project could not have come to fruition.

 Thank you most heartily Jane.

Michael Bayus
November 13, 2018

Peter Tyldesley – Director of Bradgate Park Trust:

"What a fantastic and ambitious project you have taken on!"

Nicola Tallis, Author of the Crown of Blood The Deadly Inheritance of Lady Jane Grey

"Thank you very much for sending me the link to your work, which I found really interesting. You are clearly very passionate about Lady Jane Grey, which is wonderful. I was most interested to read all of your thoughts and ideas, and hugely impressed by your work."

Karleen Bradford, Author of Nine Days Queen

"Thank you so much for your email. I'm sorry I haven't answered sooner, but I was away and then stuff got in the way and I couldn't get around to it. I've just reread it now, and I am so impressed with the research you've done into Jane and the sympathy you have for her. I found that I became more and more attached to her, the more I researched."

Debra Brown, Owner of the Blog English Historical Fiction Authors

"Your project sounds interesting.
It would be nice to have information about the Lady Jane Grey properly put together. The idea is brilliant."

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Debra Brown:

Karleen Bradford:

Nicola Tallis:

Peter Tyldesley – Director of Bradgate Park Trust:


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  1. Chris (verified owner)

    Project Grey Noise an audio book. To me Project Grey Noise is more reminiscent of an old time radio show rather than a recording of a book read out loud. It is a very entertaining production of The Lady Jane Grey telling her story in her own words as she acclimates to modern day America with the help of Mike, her companion in the 21st century. The action, interaction and sound effects bring to life this story of The Lady Jane Grey working to set history right. Sometimes serious, sometimes humorous you can imagine what it must be like when someone from 16th century English royalty is faced with things like driving a car, cell phones and even pizza.  Kudos to everyone involve in this project. I enjoyed listening to it and…”me thinks” you will too.

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