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Project Grey Noise Character Bios & Credits

Chase Shelleé

Lady Jane Grey

Played By: Chase Shelleé

Lady Jane is 17 years old, but going on 30

She is precociously intelligent, reading Greek, Latin, and Hebrew at the age of 9, and she likes to show off her skills at every opportunity.

She is a hard worker, and she aims to please.

Her disposition is gentle, and her voice is perky, and a little on the high side.

Her speech is nervous and clipped. She doesn’t sound “British”.

She is somewhat short in stature, and she is proud of her sandy hair.

She loves Mike, and she thinks the world of him.  There is nothing she would not do for him, but she is not affectionate, or very demonstrative.

She is efficient, concrete and not too emotional. What matters to her is what she sees.

She has a grave and serious side, wise and somewhat severe, and her concentration can

be powerful to the detriment of friendliness. 

She often looks austere, but it is only an appearance.

She is confident and unafraid, but she can be shy.

Michael Bayus


Played By: Michael Bayus

Mike is middle aged.  He is blind from birth.

He is an accomplished Church and Concert Organist, and he likes to impress Jane with

his skill.

He is interested in what Jane is doing, and he wants to help her in whatever way he can.

He loves Jane, and there is nothing he would not do for her.

Pat Brooks


Played By: Pat Brooks

Jess is very gentle and very pastoral.

She has known Mike for a very long time, and she knows how important the Lady Jane is to him, and how he has always felt about her.

It is Jess who takes Jane in at the time she arrives in the 21st century, and in the month Jane spends with her, Jess comes to care for Jane very much.

She is the caring Mother that Jane never had.

It is Jess who sets Jane up in her own apartment and buys her everything she needs to live comfortably in the 21st Century.  It is never really explained, but just

inferred, that Jess is rather wealthy.


Lauren Paige Russell


Played By: Lauren Paige Russell

A Newspaper Reporter

Sonja covers Jane’s activities for the local Newspaper.

As time goes on, and Jane gains a reputation around town, she begins to suspect that there is more to Jane than we know.

Adam & Eric

Played By: Brad Russell

Adam – A kind and gentle guy, and one of the staff that Jane interacts with.

Eric – Host and Server who works at a fancy restaurant and knows his art.

Thomas Dubyna


Played By: Thomas Dubyna

Jane’s boss.

He considers Jane his crowning achievement.

He is proud of Jane, and he is grateful for what Jane has done to bring notoriety to the       Library, and to the City at large.

He appreciates Jane’s loyalty.

Carole Roberts-Wilson


Played By: Carole Roberts-Wilson

The public relations person at the Library.  Amy meets Jane and Mike at the Library on the first day. She later works with Jane too.


Don Hoeksema


Played By: Don Hoeksema

The Radio talk show host who interviews the Lady Jane

He has a big ego, and therefore, considers himself the show.  He is not really prepared, but once he meets Jane, and warms to her, he is super impressed.


Yvonne Hodges


Played By: Yvonne Hodges

Another Librarian.  Possibly the one Jane and Mike met on their first visit.

Ann Ayers


Played By: Ann Ayers

Another staff member who likes Jane, but never lets her know.

Scott Pettengill

School Teacher

Played By: Scott Pettengill

Teaches 5th grade. Jane Dudley visits his class.


Played By: Nate Switzer, Jordyn Neal, Bryce Macon, Sheridon Macon


Played By: Dean Martin

The guy who sells Jane a piece of meat.

Sarah & Server

Played By: Robin Bayus

A staff member who likes Jane, and always wants to make sure that Jane knows it.

Project Grey Noise

Produced by Michael Bayus
Performed by Chase Shelleé


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