Chase Shelleé

Chase Shelleé is an international actor, singer, musician, model, and writer. She began modeling at 15 doing runway and commercials, and soon afterward began piano and vocal training. Raised in the Philippines, educated in Seattle and New York, she has been the lead writer for Philippines Fashion week for two seasons, worked as managing editor for Shot Magazine, a contributing writer for Rogue Magazine, and written screenplays for Philippine Cinema. By 21 she had multiple poems published in international literary magazines and had begun to pursue a degree in literature. At 24 she was accepted into the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York afterward doing a series of commercials and off-Broadway plays. She returned home to the Philippines, and to her music, and released her debut album, High On Maybe (available on iTunes and Spotify).
Back stateside, she is currently recording her second album, shooting several films, and writing her first stateside short film, collaborating on a feature film, and graphic novel.

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